No, not the age of a time lord (Dr Who and all that), but the number of editions of the Messenger that have been produced since it was started in October 1933! ln the October 2013 and December 2013/January 2014 editions we celebrated those 80 years and reviewed changes since 1933. So, by way of contrast, we take a look at four "snapshots" in the life of the Church as reflected in the Messenger across those 900 editions. Since we have already reflected on issue 1, we look at issue 8 (the first time that the Messenger was officially titled thus), issue 100 (when the Monthly Messenger reached three digits of editions), as well as numbers 300 and 600, significant milestones as thirds of 900!

Maundy Thursday mealAbout 20 members and friends gathered for the Maundy Thursday service at Isaac Watts which included the sharing of a passover meal. The service was led by Rev Dr Sarah Hall.









The Wessex Synod met on March 8th at London Street URC, Basingstoke, where Kay Blackwell is now the minister. She led the opening and closing worship and it was, as you would expect, innovative.

Synod for me is always interesting, but the main joy is seeing old friends. The hubbub in the foyer at the start and over lunch suggests that that is true for many people.

Despite the difficulties arising from recent inter-tribal conflict, aviation mission MAF continues a service to South Sudan that began over 60 years ago.

commitment for lifeBetween us we are supporting the following Christian Aid

Avenue St Andrew's is currently
focusing on Jamaica, Isaac Watts Memorial is currently focusing on Central
America Region of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Chandler's
Ford is currently focusing on Israel and the Occupied Territories of
Palestinian Territories, and Freemantle is currently focusing on Zimbabwe.

for some touching stories from these countries