So the festive season is upon us once again. Yippee! I hear you cry - or maybe not. Over the next few weeks we will dash around the shops to purchase presents and other Christmas goodies, all the time accompanied by Noddy Holder shouting 'It's Christmas!' and the iridescent flash of Rudolph's nose - deep joy. The Christmas and New Year editions of the TV papers will be out soon too. I, like many others, will be scouring the Radio Times red pen in hand to make sure I don't miss the unmissable; iPlayer notwithstanding of course. I think the Christmas special of Doctor Who will rank quite highly on our household's must see list, probably followed by a film we've already seen 20 times. And after Turkey with all the trimmings we can settle down for a snooze in semi-sozzled slumber. For this is the season of goodwill, where joy to the world rings out from every rooftop - or maybe not.