Hello Friends,

I hope that 2017 has begun well for you but if not I hope and pray that you know that God is with you through the fellowship of your church family. In our group of churches the SWHG ministry team are meeting regularly to exchange news and pray together which is bringing us closer and helping us to be more aware of the joys and challenges in each fellowship. We are learning from each other and swapping worship and outreach ideas and are growing in our appreciation of each other - growing in our relationship together. It is interesting to note how we each respond differently and learn differently.

There is a saying which I am sure is familiar to you, “A picture paints a thousand words” which I have discovered is ancient in origin from the Orient and says “One picture is worth ten thousand words” but my point is that this may apply to some people whereas others may say that words paint many more pictures and stories for them than images. We all learn differently so my thought is brought to you in both ways - God calls us to work together for good, in our church, community, country and world-wide. How can we do so?

  • Fair Trade Fortnight 27 February - 12 March
  • Womens World Day of Prayer 3 March 2017







  • Celebrate 40 years of Council for World Mission
  • The URC Year of Feasts and Festivals
  • February - Intercultural Ministries and Racial Justice Sunday
  • End Hunger in UK Campaign








Whether in pictures or words, which opportunity is God offering you to grasp, in order to advertise the fellowship of God’s kingdom on earth? We have been given the task to invite all, who have not yet had the chance to experience or learn about the comfort of God’s love, to the party wherever it may be. A party is no fun without guests so go out and find some, join together in helping each other in the events above, make life better together. Amen.