Dear Friends

I have just been looking at what the month of March this year brings us…apart from Mad March Hares and beautiful Spring flowers!

There’s St David’s Day which is also Tear Fund Sunday, the Women’s World Day of Prayer from The Bahamas, Mothering Sunday, St Patrick’s Day, the International Day of Happiness, End Racism Day, World Water Sunday to name but a few! We will also be in the season of Lent leading to the roller coaster of events and emotions expressed throughout the Easter Story itself. Phew!


I don’t know about you but these days I can only concentrate on a few things at once so what will be my priorities?

Do I give something up for Lent…not usually my style?

Do I do something differently….well I always try to do things differently?

Or do I make more effort to support a particular cause or charity that I always mean to, but run out of steam….sounds more like me?

Then I remember what Jesus is recorded to have said about ‘doing’ and ‘being’……so what now!

Well, I don’t think it really matters as long as “nothing at all” doesn’t become the answer. God has given us the wonderful and unique opportunity of a journey through life accompanied every step of the way by the Spirit and the record of Christ’s living. We are gifted to be able to “have a conversation with God” whenever and wherever we are, and however we do so best…in pictures, music, written or spoken word or in complete silence with listening and open hearts.

I believe that as long as we are, genuinely, being as prayer-full and as faith-full as we can in our everyday lives we can do no more. Many little steps taken are better than being stuck because that one big step seems too huge. Often the little steps give us the chance or flexibility to veer off the path we thought we were supposed to be travelling and join the route that the ‘God of Surprises’ had in mind for us. We just have to be paying attention!

So make the most of each day in March, prompted by the unconditional love of God, and take a little step in whatever direction your prayers lead you to…and may that make a positive difference in your life and that of the people you meet.