If you read Connections you will realise that our friends at Freemantle URC will celebrate the 130th anniversary of the start of their fellowship, at their 9.30am service on Sunday 14th June, when they are also hosting the
Salvation Army. The first building was on the corner of Shirley Road and Roberts Road, but after it was destroyed by bombing in the Second World War the fellowship rebuilt on their present site in the 1950s. Please hold their fellowship in your prayers, as we wish them all the very best this month.


Do not forget our annual South West Hants Group Anniversary service, on Sunday 24th May 2015, at Freemantle URC starting at 6pm, but preceded by a “bring and share tea” from 5pm. Please support this event, and our guest preacher, Rev. George Watt, one of our former ministers. I would remind you that this will be a lighter evening, and that transport can be arranged for those who might have difficulty getting there. Please let me know if you would like a lift: it would be great to have a good attendance by Isaac Watts’ folk on this occasion.

Gift Day will take place on Saturday 14th March as part of the Spring Market and envelopes will be available from Sunday 8th March.

As you know, Gift Day is an annual event with donations of one-off gifts, to be used for the running and maintenance of the church. If you have any questions as to using the weekly envelope scheme or, if you pay tax, how Gift Aid would benefit the church’s finances at no cost to yourself, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you are unable to come on Saturday 14th March you can place your Gift envelope into the collection on any Sunday.

Janet Findlay, Gift Aid Secretary

A second chance

It is difficult to imagine that Humberto Urbina, a charming, smart and articulate young man from Nicaragua, was once a drug dealer and violent criminal.

His past as a gang member still haunts him – “To have taken people’s lives…that you can’t forget” – but thanks to Christian Aid partner Centre for the Prevention of Violence (CEPREV), he has turned his life around. He has learned that being a man is not about reaching for a gun, but reaching out to his children and giving them the affection he lacked.

At Isaac Watts we support Commitment For Life's work in Central America. Here is an update from the end of last Autumn:-

Irma Raimundo can often be found in her garden, tending her plants. But for Irma, gardening is not a hobby - it's a way of ensuring her children have enough to eat.

Irma and her family are indigenous Chorti people, a marginalised community who live in the mountain villages of Chiquimula, Guatemala. It's breathtakingly beautiful, but the land is steep and rocky, so it's difficult to farm. Unsurprisingly, 62% of children are malnourished. There are few jobs in this remote area, so many men migrate in search of work.