The Hampshire & I.O.W Air Ambulance have finished collecting bras now. I would like to say a very big thank to everyone who has donated their bras over several years. As a G.B. District we have collected over 10,000 bras, nearly 4,000 from our own Company. Well done and thank you! If you have any more please pop them into a charity shop or charity bin.

Rose Doswell

You might think, given all that has happened across the turn of the year, that I might be weighed down by things, and yet that is not so. As a Church we had a fantastic Christmas! So often we have prayed for more people to come at Christmas, and this year they did come - in some numbers! 30 to 40 attended the lessons and carols, whilst the Christmas Eve afternoon service, which garnered 18 or so in the last couple of years, was attended by 40 to 50, with many visiting families and children! And we had fun together as we enacted “The Animals Christmas” complete with animal noises, and helpers came out to assist with assembling the Christmas tableau! Additionally we had some people come back to us after many years away.

As most of you will know by now I have handed the 3rd Southampton Company over to Mrs Naomi Howard, with Church approval from 1st January 2017. I have not given up as I am still an Officer and will still be going to Company as usual. Please pray for Naomi as she takes on this new role, as well as the District Posts that she holds.

New girls are always welcome from 4 plus onwards and we look forward to seeing new faces come along. For more details please phone Naomi on 02380873769.

Rose Doswell

A number of you will be wondering what has happened with the vacancy. In mid-November the Vacancy Committee (which comprises 2 members from each church, plus the Interim Moderator, but no ordained ministers currently) met to consider the profile contributions of each church. Jim Crisp, of Freemantle, and I then met to collate the materials, utilising the format of the 2012 profile as a basis.

Please support our annual Group Anniversary Service, which is being held at our Church this year on Sunday 15th May. The service starts at 6pm, but will be preceded by a “Bring and Share” tea from 5pm. This service marks ten years since the group officially began, when representatives from each church signed a covenant at a special service (at Avenue St. Andrews on that occasion), and our guest preacher will be Rev Maz Allen, who was then minister at Chandler’s Ford.