You might think, given all that has happened across the turn of the year, that I might be weighed down by things, and yet that is not so. As a Church we had a fantastic Christmas! So often we have prayed for more people to come at Christmas, and this year they did come - in some numbers! 30 to 40 attended the lessons and carols, whilst the Christmas Eve afternoon service, which garnered 18 or so in the last couple of years, was attended by 40 to 50, with many visiting families and children! And we had fun together as we enacted “The Animals Christmas” complete with animal noises, and helpers came out to assist with assembling the Christmas tableau! Additionally we had some people come back to us after many years away.

     We had been assisted by some publicity at the local infant school Christmas Fair, as well as by the choice of invitation cards – evidenced by the number of people who told us that they came because of those Christmas Cards. Contact with Hollybrook Junior School also helped – a little boy who remembered me came down his driveway to see me as I was delivering Christmas cards – perhaps he remembered the toy Dalek heading across the school floor when we talked about presents?

     There is an old saying that one swallow does not make a summer – nonetheless it is good to see a few green shoots as evidence of the future, and I want to extend my sincere thanks to all of you who helped out this year in whatever capacity. Truly it was a team effort. Please pray that our contact with others will grow, that some of those who came this Christmas will come again, that God will guide us as to the future way forward, and empower us to do this. Please make this prayer a New Year Resolution!