A number of you will be wondering what has happened with the vacancy. In mid-November the Vacancy Committee (which comprises 2 members from each church, plus the Interim Moderator, but no ordained ministers currently) met to consider the profile contributions of each church. Jim Crisp, of Freemantle, and I then met to collate the materials, utilising the format of the 2012 profile as a basis.

It had not been my intention to get involved in doing this, but it became apparent that for reasons of IT equipment, previous experience and the family commitments of other committee members (at that point!!) some of us were better placed to do this. Subsequently the profile was completed (24 pages) along with 33 pages of accounts information (comprising the last 3 complete years for each church, as well as the group budget, the Avenue St Andrew’s accounts being extracts since, as a charity, their accounts routinely run to 18 pages a year!). The summary profile (a one page summary of the 24 pages noted above) and the draft terms of settlement (2 pages) have also been revised.  I am grateful to Jim Crisp, Joan McGavin and Janet Findlay for reading all of this through, and to Christine Hardwick for Manse information.

This was all approved by the Joint Elders’ Meeting of December, with some further minor additions, and passed to the Moderator, with whom the Vacancy Committee met again on 25th January. Thus the summary will become available for ministers to see, and the full documentation should they be more seriously interested. We await developments with interest!