Bible Corner

Here are some articles written by Church members that relate to bible study.

At this time of year it is often customary to think about tightening our belts, both literally and figuratively. Christmas is past, and for some that will necessitate spending restraint, for others dietary restraint! For many Christians, the onset of Lent during the coming month will entail restraint in other ways by foregoing particular foods, or activities. Of course, restraint, or self-denial, has been a feature of the Christian life throughout church history, most obviously in the recorded lives of saints and religious communities. But self-denial can be a difficult subject to discuss these days. Perhaps this is because our society values individual freedom and material wealth, or because people can be so sensitive to the implication that they are not living up to expectations. But what are God's expectations of us?

Have you seen the TV programme "Who do you think you are?" The individual stories can be quite revealing, even heart-breaking, and invariably, having found out more about where their families came from, the celebrities go away with a changed view of themselves. Identity is an important subject for all of us, and understanding something of our ancestors, and where we come from, can shape how we see ourselves. It can also affect where we perceive ourselves to be going. Perhaps we are proud of some of those who came before us. Perhaps we would rather not remember some of those who appear in our family tree.

The content of the news very often provide important talking points for us, and newspapers are an important source for reporting and interpreting this. However we must always be careful how we read, interpret and use the content of a newspaper, a point that we considered at a parade service earlier in the summer. You might at this point want to pick up a newspaper and look carefully at it. What different sections do you notice? In a newspaper there are many different sections. Perhaps you may have noticed some of the following:-

November is a month for remembering. The month begins with our remembering those who have given us a good example in the way they lived their lives with All Saints' Day. On the following day we remember those who have gone before us with All Souls' Day, on November 5th we remember events that affected our country four hundred years ago, and then on Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday we remember those who have made and are making sacrifices on our behalf by laying down their lives for others in wars and conflicts. At the end of the month the commencement of Advent marks the point at which we begin to remember Christ's arrival on Earth.

Last time we considered the story of the Creation as it is recounted in Genesis Chapter 1. In {bible}Genesis 1 v.27{/bible} we read that "God created human beings, making them to be like himself." So what does this mean? In a few moments you might like to jot down what you think it means before considering the following: